SPASA Awards

Terms & Conditions

By entering into the Awards of Excellence hosted by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (“SPASA”) you warrant that the details of your entry are correct in every respect and comply with the conditions of entry as set out below:

  1. Nominations for the Awards of Excellence (“Entries”), including the nomination form (“the Entry Form”), all images being relied on for the Entries (“Images”) and payments of the entry fees, must be received by the nomination deadline stated on the Entry Form (“Nomination Deadline”). Entry fees are strictly non-refundable.

  2. Entries can only be lodged online and will only be accepted from current financial members of SPASA (“Members”) and the subjects of all Entries (“the Entrants”) must be Members.

  3. Members can only submit Entries for categories of the Awards of Excellence that are relevant to their specific membership category.

  4. All Entries must comply with relevant industry and/or Australian Standards, all federal and state legislation and regulations, Australian copyright law and the Australian Consumer Law and its state equivalents where applicable.

  5. Members must obtain consent from all relevant parties to submit Entries and use the Images and may be asked to provide such consent to SPASA upon request. By making Entries, Members give consent to SPASA to use the Images and other documentation comprising the Entries for any promotional use SPASA sees fit.

  6. Where a Member has designed or built a pool or spa in conjunction with an Architect, Designer or Builder, the name of that company or individual must be acknowledged on the Entry Form.

  7. Any professional photographers used to capture images of build/installation projects for members entries, must be acknowledged on the Entry Form.

  8. Projects submitted for the Awards of Excellence (“Nominated Projects”) must have been built, installed or renovated by the Entrant under the Entrant’s current licence.

  9. Nominated Projects can only be submitted if the Entrant was involved from the start of the project. Entrants must be appropriately licensed or registered to carry out the Nominated Projects (as required by law) at the commencement and completion of the Nominated Project.

  10. Sufficient supporting details and photos must accompany the Entries to enable SPASA and the judges for the Awards of Excellence (“the Judges”) to be satisfied that the Entry lodged does qualify for the category entered.

  11. Entries for the Build/Installation categories must have been completed within three years of the Nomination Deadline, except for Display Pool/Centre.

  12. Entries into the Product/Industry categories must have been released or implemented as follows: Categories 1-2 must have been released/implemented/upgraded within 12 months of the nomination deadline, category 3 within 24 months of nomination deadline and and categories 6-8 within 3 years of the nomination deadline.

  13. Entries that have previously won a Gold award in the Build/Installation and Product/Industry categories cannot be re-entered into that same category.

  14. Nominated Projects may be submitted into multiple categories; however, every Entry will incur additional entry fees. All supporting documentation must accompany each Entry, including testimonials, references and additional information.

  15. If there is found to be proven misrepresentation of any aspect of an award nomination, this will result in the disqualification and public withdrawal of the nomination and any subsequent award wins.

  16. SPASA reserves the right to disqualify an Entry before, during or after the Awards of Excellence without a refund, if deemed necessary.

  17. If a Nominated Project is entered into an ineligible category, SPASA reserves the right to move the Nominated Project to a more appropriate category.

  18. One high resolution digital primary image (Main Photo) must be supplied with each Entry. The Main Photo should be .JPG format and no less than 300dpi and 3MB in size for best quality. Build/Installation categories must not contain any information which identifies the Entrant.

  19. A maximum of five (5) supporting images in .JPG format are admissible with each Entry, to highlight different angles, unusual site conditions or features, etc.  Supporting images may be any size, however it is recommended to make them small for ease of uploading to the website.

  20. Entries into the renovation categories must be accompanied with before and after images from the same perspective angle.

  21. Entrants acknowledge that SPASA takes no responsibility for the quality of Images nor any editorial discrepancies attached to any Image.

  22. Only winners of a category at the Awards of Excellence may advertise the winning of an award. All advertising/promotional material used by the Member advertising an Award must show the year the Award was won and category of the Award.

  23. Any changes to submissions after the nomination deadline, due to error or omission by the nominee will incur a $79.00 administration charge.

  24. Awards are not transferable

  25. Judges’ decisions regarding Awards given will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  26. Only Gold winners of regional Awards will be eligible for the National Awards competition.

  27. Words in these Terms denoting the singular number only include the plural number and vice versa.

SPASA Awards